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Ideas with stretch

Driven by global thinking and local impact, Hanbury designs environments for people.  

With practical optimism, we push the boundaries of what’s possible while staying rooted in what’s indispensable. We design experiences that naturally draw people in – ones that are curated, aspirational, and a refreshing departure from the ordinary.  

Through acting with empathy, planning adaptably, and designing holistically we deliver ideas with stretch.

Open Vistas

Since 1979, our firm has embraced a constant state of becoming – refining our mission and expanding our offerings – a perpetual evolution aligned with our broadening interests. As a 100% employee-owned company, each member of our creative community guides our collective evolution. This shared stewardship ensures growth is both inclusive and reflective of our diverse perspectives.

A culture of curiosity...

Continual learning is the backbone of our practice. We advance a culture of curiosity where personal development and collective progress are inextricably linked. Through our projects and initiatives, we pursue new ideas with tenacity. Our annual programs serve as a mainstay of our commitment to broadening perspectives. 

Rooted in place...

Our practice is grounded in meaningful connections to place and community. With each engagement, we seek a tailored approach to ensure authenticity and meaningful, lasting resonance. We are committed to shaping bespoke spaces that advance human potential, rooted in local stories and collaborative dialogue.

A holistic process...

In our studio, inclusivity fuels exploration, and research meets critical thinking – where the strongest ideas prevail. Novel design solutions emerge from careful consideration of each project: understanding the requirements and identifying its unique potential. We blend pragmatism and precision with an unrelenting critical lens and rigorous iteration, crafting environments through a balance of strategic ingenuity and grounded realism.  We don’t sell a product – we offer a process.

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