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Crafting the Blueprint

Since our founding in 1979, Hanbury has embraced a constant state of becoming and has prioritized an environment where each member can influence the firm’s culture, interests, policies, and procedures.

Over time, we’ve expanded our mission and offerings to become a leader in shaping campus, community, and life science environments, tripling our size and adding offices in Raleigh, Richmond, Baltimore, and Grand Rapids to meet the growth of our core markets. This growth has been both strategic and organic, intentionally bringing onboard individuals to reinforce our market leadership capabilities, attract complimentary talent, and ensure well-rounded teams across all our locations.

Throughout our continued transformation, we’ve remained steadfast in elevating our people – the lifeblood of our firm and what makes Hanbury, Hanbury. To support this growth, we’ve enhanced and augmented our traditional approach to managing the firm, ensuring a more diverse range of voices in its management and strategic direction.

A pivotal transformation we’ve undergone is in our approach to firm-wide leadership, which champions inclusivity and uplifts diverse perspectives from around the firm honoring our ardent belief that leadership exists at every level. We see leadership as more than a title—it's a commitment to designing a culture of inclusivity and impactful collaboration.

As some of our firm’s earliest leaders stepped into retirement, a new structure emerged, focusing on day-to-day “leadership” and broader “strategy.” The Leadership Team and the Strategic Team form the backbone of our firm overseeing everything from management operations, financial matters, and overall firm direction to focusing on growth of our core markets, design innovation, and strategic initiatives.

This leadership structure has proven effective in the last handful of years, crucially allowing us to plan for future stewardship of the firm. In so doing, we’ve created a training ground for our emerging leaders through the recently established “Leadership and Strategic Councils,” providing them a platform to contribute meaningfully to our governance process while working alongside their Leadership and Strategic Team counterparts.

By bringing together individuals with varying levels of experience and backgrounds, we promote well-rounded decision-making. In the first few years since the program’s inception, these appointees have had a hand in every key decision, bringing fresh insights that have enriched our strategic direction and strengthened communication and collaboration across the firm.

One of the most impactful developments of this evolution is that each employee now has a pathway to leadership and can meaningfully contribute to the success of the firm. Our people have always been our greatest asset, and our commitment to shared ownership through the recently established Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) allows each voice to not only be heard but valued.

As employee-owners, every decision we make is rooted in the collective vision of our diverse team, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity. Through the ESOP, we’re able to invest in our employees, ensuring that their contributions are a force multiplier for the success of our firm and its long-term growth and stability. With a variety of perspectives at the table, we continuously push beyond the expected and explore new horizons.

Together, we're building a future where every idea, every voice, and every individual contributes to our shared prosperity.

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