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Nick Vlattas Summer Scholar Program

Honoring Nick Vlattas, co-founder and former COO, the Summer Scholar program echoes his passion for nurturing emerging talent and expanding Hanbury’s global reach. This unique program merges education, mentorship, and real-world application into a comprehensive research-driven initiative, providing participants with a deep dive into professional development and practice. Through direct engagement with our team, scholars gain unparalleled insights and practical skills to jumpstart their professional careers.

More than a talent incubator; it serves as a dynamic platform for mutual growth, deeply ingrained in our commitment to continuous learning and development. This initiative not only advances our firm and its culture, but also marks a significant step in each participant’s professional journey, where their collaboration leaves a lasting imprint.

2024 applications are closed. Stay tuned for 2025 opportunities.

“It felt as if a company was investing in me not for personal gain but with the understanding that to educate a new generation of architects is to invest in the future of how our world is created and taken care of.” 

– TM Peterson, Summer Scholar Class of 2022

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