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Workplace Strategies in our Raleigh Office

In Raleigh, NC, we've embraced our own workplace strategies to design a new office that not only supports our work culture but also showcases our expertise in creating dynamic and adaptable work environments. Located at 310 S. West Street, Suite 100, the new office is housed in a building with a storied past, transitioning from a 1918 produce warehouse to various other uses before its latest evolution into our creative workspace.

Designing from Within

The design of our new office was a team effort, leveraging the full breadth of our in-house expertise in workplace strategy. "This project was truly about considering everyone's needs and utilizing the inherent architectural qualities of the space," commented Anne Bradley, Director of Interiors. "We addressed previous workspace limitations by creating diverse functional areas, resulting in a workspace with nine distinct areas for various activities."

In-House Expertise

This effort was an exercise in self-application of our workplace design expertise. "This project was particularly engaging, allowing us to act as both consultant and client, testing and implementing design solutions and workplace strategies in real-time," remarked Bradley. As with our client projects, it was important that the process be collaborative and inclusive, ensuring the space meets our team’s diverse needs.

The office features a variety of meeting areas, heads-down spaces, and lounges, each designed to boost productivity and creativity. "We enjoyed incorporating current innovations in furniture design and working postures, leveraging our proactive exploration of new workplace solutions to address modern needs," added Marni Rushing, Associate Principal and Senior Interior Designer, highlighting how our industry experiences influenced a flexible and dynamic workplace.

Activity-Based Working

We’ve embraced an Activity-Based Working model, eliminating assigned seating in favor of spaces that employees select based on their daily tasks. This strategy supports a shift towards a more dynamic and collaborative work culture, encouraging staff to interact with different colleagues and utilize various spaces within the office. "It’s about creating a workplace that adapts to us, not the other way around," noted Bradley.

Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

The original architectural integrity of the building plays a role in the overall design of the office. Along with its high ceilings and exposed brick, the space is infused with natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances the workplace experience. Contemporary interventions, such as sleek, adaptable furniture and strategic color accents, align with our firm’s branding while complementing the building’s industrial origins.

Strategic Location for Enhanced Work-Life Balance

The new location provides access to Raleigh’s vibrant urban life, with nearby amenities like cultural institutions, dining, retail, and convenient transportation links that enhance our team's work-life balance. It is ideally situated for the Warehouse District's First Friday Art Walks, an event that aligns with Hanbury’s commitment to artistic exploration and community engagement. The office features various communal spaces, including a café and outdoor areas, which are ideal for hosting events and casual gatherings.

Anne Bradley, Design Principal + Director of Interiors