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We believe that the spaces where people work, study, and conduct research thrive when considered together.

Our approach, rooted in holistic vision and diligent methodology, mirrors the transformative journeys of our clients – from global biotech leaders to pioneering startups. More than relationships, we forge partnerships blending expertise and strategic vision to ignite purpose and accelerate discovery.

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Design for


Good design galvanizes community; where together, people and place transcend the individual as a unified collective.

Unbound by scale or typology, we tailor our approach to meet each community’s distinct needs. We focus on developing acute awareness and substantive understanding to yield precise interventions for novel solutions. For us, collaboration with communities isn’t just a step in the process – it's the essence of our work

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We believe in the limitless potential of today’s students as tomorrow’s leaders – nurtured through the spaces that unite them.

From residences to amenities, individual buildings to campus plans, our higher education practice traverses the spectrum of academic spaces to ensure each environment is a catalyst for both community and individual growth. With every project, we aim to create academic environments that are not just places of learning, but of living.

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At Hanbury, each project, big or small, is bound by our passion for craft and our joy in creating honest, bespoke buildings that inspire and endure.

Across typologies and scales, we believe that the built environment sets the stage for life to unfold. Crafting spaces that resonate with their purpose—be it in education, science, arts, or community, our architecture practice centers on the specificity of place, use, and character as the masthead of each project. With strong attention to ideas, impact, and precision, we favor architecture that introduces itself at just the right place and at just the right time.

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Crafting spaces where past and present harmonize, honoring the legacy of the people and place that shape our collective identity.

It’s an old adage that Historic Preservation is the original sustainable practice – that the most sustainable building is one that already exists. Recognizing the value in each place and its story, we believe that a historic resource, building or site, is more than just a physical structure: it’s the manifestation of a culture’s expression. Through meticulous rehabilitation, we preserve and narrate the essence of time, ensuring our built heritage continues to educate, inform, and inspire.

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Lab Planning

Spaces that marry efficiency and inspiration for life-enhancing outcomes.

Science is constantly evolving, and we think of ourselves in the same way. We leverage a mastery of technical practices essential for health, safety and environmental standards with an intimate understanding of scientific workflows and instrumentation. This deep knowledge allows us to wed utility and function with the beauty of architecture and human experience, empowering our clients to focus on their groundbreaking work, in spaces optimized for their dedicated pursuits. Our devotion to collaboration and long-term, data-driven solutions ensures that partnerships extend beyond project completion, into every success that follows.

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Planning + Urban Design

Embracing layers of shared histories, natural and man-made, we focus on systemic interventions that mediate between people, geography, and history at neighborhood, urban, and regional scales.

With a dedication to each client’s unique culture and vision, we harbor collaborative, research-driven partnerships for transformational outcomes. Rooted in inclusivity and transparency, our process ensures that every solution is tailored, implementable and responsive. Our planning and urban design practice focuses on adaptable and resilient interventions that transform spaces into places.

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Interior Design

Creating comprehensive spatial identities to amplify the unique character and purpose of each project.

At the heart of our interior design practice is a profound connection between spaces and the individuals who inhabit them. It’s where design meets personal experience. Guided by curiosity and empathy, we embrace robust collaboration with our clients to work in-concert with each project’s unique vision and needs. Through a tailor-made approach and careful alignment of function and feeling, we craft bespoke spaces that resonate.

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