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sPARK Campus Master Plan

As a holistic ecosystem for life science advancement, the sPARK LS Campus signals a new phase in development and community-focused design.

The sPARK Life Science (LS) Campus is set to transform 102 acres of privately-owned land into a dynamic, community-focused life science hub. Reflecting the landowners' vision to convert their heritage property into a landmark development, the campus emerges as a nexus for innovation and community. Designed as a self-sustaining ecosystem, the campus caters to life science companies from emerging startups to established commercial giants. The comprehensive plan includes 10 buildings with offices, laboratories, and biotech manufacturing facilities, transcending the traditional business park model to nurture both current and aspiring science professionals. 

Integral to the campus is the sPARK Axis Amenities Center, a community-focused facility aimed at acquainting K-12 students with the industry's myriad opportunities.

The sPARK campus is a model of urban integration and community engagement. The strategic placement of buildings around the Central Green not only forms a communal core but also transforms the campus into a dynamic urban asset. Enhanced with traffic calming measures and pedestrian-friendly areas, this central space becomes a lively center for community events and social gatherings.

The 'Central Green', a sprawling, verdant spine that connects the entire campus, acts as a greenway accessible for walking, biking, and leisure. This integration of nature into the daily rhythm of campus life is complemented by amenities like fitness centers and an outdoor amphitheater.

Poised to become a nucleus for the life science industry, the campus will house companies specializing in biotech, agriculture technology, medical devices, gene therapy, and research & development. The plan accommodates companies looking to establish headquarters adjacent to their R&D and manufacturing units, aligning with a flexible development framework designed to support the Town of Morrisville's vision and the infrastructural needs of life science research.

sPARK's unique location, outside the confines of Research Triangle Park, leverages its setting in Morrisville to encourage urbanization and community integration. This strategic positioning enables the development of a comprehensive life science ecosystem, from startup incubators in the Research & Development buildings to commercial-scale manufacturing in BMF buildings, encompassing the complete lifecycle of scientific development.

  • Sector: Science
  • Scope: Planning, Lab Planning
  • Morrisville, North Carolina
  • 620,000 SF of office/lab
  • 45,000 SF of amenity space
  • 4,000 spaces of structured parking
  • 1,080,000 of cGMP manufacturing space
  • 18,000 SF of retail
Project Team
Chris Small
Principal In Charge
David Keith
Design Principal
Shawna M. Mabie
Project Manager
Jonathan C. Cardenas
Cody Dodd
Robert V. Reis
Brasfield & Gorrie
Newcomb & Boyd
MEP Engineering
Civil Engineering
Lynch Mykins
Structural Engineering
Britt, Peters and Associates
Structural Engineering