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Greenlight Bio

GreenLight Bio is reimagining the laboratory experience, merging flexibility, collaboration, and a connection to nature in its expansive new workspace.

Driven by a vision for global impact, Greenlight Bio aimed to develop a physical workspace that reflected its corporate objectives. Having outgrown its initial location, the company focused on designing a flexible and economical layout to bolster its international reach. By expanding its operations to the third floor and a section of the first floor at 9 Lab Drive, Greenlight Bio effectively tripled its operational footprint while establishing an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and a shared sense of purpose.

The expansion embraces a people-first approach, centralizing around a versatile café that serves as the heart of the workplace. This central hub is designed for dining, meetings, and informal gatherings, flanked by adaptable offices that can be easily reconfigured into huddle rooms to accommodate evolving needs.

Covering nearly 18,000 square feet, the lab spaces are notable for their large windows that connect the team with the outdoor environment. The labs are strategically placed along the building's perimeter to promote an inward flow of collaboration and interaction, with corridors designed to facilitate easy and transparent movement throughout the space.
  • Sector: Science
  • Scope: Interior Design, Lab Planning
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • 2022
  • 44,582 SF
Project Team
Patrick O'Keefe
Principal + Project Manager
Michael T. Brady
Project Architect
F. Amelia Murphy
Lauren Eaton
Lab Planner
C. Anne Bradley
Interior Designer
Megan Sigmon
Interior Designer
Bridget Fitzmaurice
Interior Designer
McDonald York Building Company
MEP + Fire Protection Engineering