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sPARK Research +Development Building

In a bold reimagining of traditional research spaces, the sPARK R+D Building fuses community, innovation and a shared sense of purpose in the pursuit of scientific advancement.

Redefining the interface between research environments and public spaces, the sPARK Life Science development unveils a cutting-edge laboratory facility poised to become Morrisville's epicenter of innovation. Departing from conventional R&D frameworks, the facility integrates research areas with vibrant public engagement. It transforms the classic research office and lab model, inviting the broader community into the fold and creating a dynamic ecosystem where community interaction enriches scientific exploration.

The design invites the public in, with carved massings and communal spaces designed to encourage serendipitous interactions.

The building is designed to encourage knowledge-sharing and collaboration. The Gather Stair and Amenity Terrace serve as hubs for interaction, complemented by versatile office and lab spaces catering to diverse professional needs. The lobby, with its digital multimedia display, invites visitors to engage and explore, while balconies and terraces on each level offer spaces for relaxation and collaboration.

Strategically sited along the greenway, the facility serves as a key connector between research activities and Building Manufacturing Facilities (BMFs), advocating for a unified, pedestrian-centric design over traditional parking-centric layouts. This strategic placement ensures the building's integration into a larger network of innovation and production.

Ground-floor retail spaces add vibrancy to the area, offering dining, services, and specialty shopping that not only serve the scientific community but also significantly contribute to Morrisville's evolving identity as a center of innovation and community life.

  • Sector: Science
  • Scope: Architecture, Lab Planning, Interior Design
  • Morrisville, North Carolina
  • 147, 931 SF
Project Team
Chris Small
Principal In Charge
Robert V. Reis
Design Principal
Shawna M. Mabie
Project Manager
Andy Craven
Project Architect
Cody Dodd
Jeffrey G. Butts, Jr.
Ashley Teer
Paige Conrad
Interior Designer
Allie Beck
Construction Administrator
Brasfield & Gorrie
Salas O'Brien
MEP Engineering
Civil Engineering
Surface 678
Landscape Architect
Lynch Mykins
Structural Engineering