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sPARK Biomanufacturing Facilities

As dual powerhouses for biomedical advancement, BMF 1 + 2 bridge the gap from clinical research to commercial realization within the sPARK campus.

Envisioned as a hub for life science growth, the sPARK Life Science campus introduces an amalgamation of science, tech, and urban dynamism. Central to this vision are the Biomanufacturing Facilities (BMF) 1 and 2, dual powerhouses for biomedical advancement, bridging the gap from clinical research to commercial realization. Their prominent location makes them focal backdrops to the campus, integrating seamlessly within the ecosystem while performing substantial manufacturing roles.

Navigating the intricacies of Morrisville's Unified Development Ordinance, their unique character is shaped by balancing architectural constraints with creativity. Traditional tilt-up methodologies are reimagined in BMF 1, with canted panels revealing an undulating façade, while BMF 2 integrates verdant recesses, adding vitality to its static surface. Glass and metal demarcate collaboration zones in both buildings, establishing a sense of entry that merges the building with the landscape while maintaining a unified design language consistent with the broader sPARK palette.

The facilities are purpose-built and robustly engineered for exacting biomed activities. Specialized infrastructure serves significant water and electrical needs, with siphonic drains optimizing structural efficiency and clear heights while avoiding escalated costs.

Along with redefining the archetype of BMF buildings and echoing sPARK's community-driven spirit, these facilities promise significant socioeconomic impacts across Morrisville and the broader Triangle area. Capable of housing up to 1,200 professionals, they assure not just employment but a holistic ecosystem – where advanced technology and a shared vision converge to deliver groundbreaking advancements, such as lifesaving vaccines, all within the sPARK campus.

  • Sector: Science
  • Scope: Architecture, Lab Planning
  • Morrisville, North Carolina
  • 2024
  • BMF 1: 163,419 SF
  • BMF 2: 209, 687
Project Team
Chris Small
Principal In Charge
Robert V. Reis
Design Principal
Shawna M. Mabie
Project Manager
Cody Dodd
Jeffrey G. Butts, Jr.
Ashley Teer
Brasfield & Gorrie
Newcomb & Boyd
MEP Engineering
Civil Engineering
Lynch Mykins
Structural Engineering