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Arthur Ashe Community Center

In the heart of Richmond, the Arthur Ashe Jr. Community Center is envisioned as a vibrant nexus for education, arts, and community spirit, honoring the multifaceted legacy of its namesake.

The Arthur Ashe Jr. Community Center, a fixture on Arthur Ashe Blvd since its opening in 1982, is under consideration for renovation as part of the broader Diamond District redevelopment initiative. The proposed refresh aims to honor Arthur Ashe, a Richmond native who transcended his acclaim as world-class a tennis player to become a venerated activist, author, and advocate for civil rights. The center aspires to reflect Ashe's diverse legacy through a blend of recreational, educational, and artistic programs, serving as a vital hub for Richmond Public Schools and a platform for local artists. Situated within the 67-acre, 8.5 million square-foot mixed-use development, the multi-purpose facility is envisioned as a cornerstone of community engagement, offering a variety of programs throughout the year.

The proposal suggests a resilient update of both its interior and exterior while preserving the building's core structure. It emphasizes environmental and community wellness through sustainable construction practices and materials, aiming to significantly reduce the carbon footprint. The integration of an urban garden strengthens the connection to nature, offering fresh produce and educational opportunities for the local community.

The design features a two-story concourse and 15,000 square feet of versatile public space, enhancing natural daylight through strategic modifications. Translucent glazing and a full-height curtain wall system ensure the space is bathed in diffused light, creating an inviting atmosphere that encourages community interaction and visibility.

Emphasizing flexibility, the concourse will accommodate a wide range of activities from sports tournaments to community events, art exhibits, and educational programs, becoming a year-round nucleus for Richmond. 

The inclusion of the "Arthur Ashe Milestone Trail," along with digital totems, extends the center's influence, offering an immersive exploration of Ashe's legacy and the community's cultural richness.

  • Sector: Civic + Community
  • Scope: Architecture, Planning
  • Richmond, Virginia
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