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Richmond City Center

Hanbury and RCDP's vision for City Center embodies a harmonious convergence of history, innovation, and community engagement, aligning with the Richmond 300 Masterplan.

By preserving historical landmarks, integrating scientific advancements, and prioritizing community well-being, the project represents a sustainable and inclusive urban future. Envisioned as the cornerstone of downtown Richmond, City Center will radiate vitality, energy, and progress, offering an inspiring blueprint for the city's continued evolution.

Our approach to City Center embraces a comprehensive strategy for development, integrating key elements necessary for a thriving urban environment. The proposal bolsters a dynamic urban condition supported by various spatial and programmatic typologies, including significant retail and entertainment spaces, office and lab facilities, diverse and affordable housing options, multi-modal transit facilities, enhanced pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, well-designed public spaces, an innovation pavilion, and substantial infrastructure enhancements. 

Central to the plan is the deliberate reconnection of Sixth and Clay Streets which fosters a seamless urban experience, prioritizing walkability and sustainable transportation while enhancing connectivity for residents and visitors. Recognizing the pressing need for diverse housing options, the proposal also includes a mix of residential units that cater to a wide range of needs, including affordable housing, student housing, market-rate residences, executive housing, and integrated live/work spaces. By addressing the city's current housing challenges, the plan aims to create a truly inclusive and diverse urban community.

  • Sector: Civic + Community
  • Scope: Planning, Architecture
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • 2023
  • Winner, World Design Awards, 2023
Cam Fullmer
An Liu
Karim El-Araby
Johnathan Tan
Design Partner
Design Partner
KEi Architects
Design Partner
Waterstreet Studio
Landscape Architect
Fall Line
Landscape Architect