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Eastern Divide Brewing Co.

Eastern Divide Brewing Co. (EDBC) in Blacksburg, Virginia, is a fusion of craft beer culture and community spirit, conceived to fulfill the increasing regional need for quality event spaces. Established in 2019, the brewery swiftly established itself as a preferred spot for locals and visitors, offering a perfect setting for private events, live music, and casual gatherings. This 12,000 SF one-story, building is strategically located along the eastern continental divide, embodying the natural essence of the Blue Ridge Mountains through its design and ambiance. The brewery features a 4,000 SF brewing operation, complemented by a commercial kitchen and bar, ensuring the provision of local, fresh food alongside premium craft beers. The tasting room invites guests into the heart of the brewing experience, while the 3,200 SF event hall and expansive patio provide versatile spaces for community engagement and celebration.

  • Sector: Civic + Community
  • Scope: Architecture
  • Blacksburg, Virginia
  • 12,000 SF
  • 2018
Project Team
D. Keith Storms
Design Principal
Anna E. Carpenter
Project Architect
Elizabeth Morgan