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CASA Play Factory

The CASA Play Factory stands as a vibrant testament to the joys of play, curiosity, and light, combining the transparency of a greenhouse with the magical glow of a lantern at night.

Crafted from translucent polycarbonate, it welcomes daylight and emits a soft glow after dark, creating an atmosphere that's both bright and whimsically inviting. Every detail, from tensioned ropes and colorful plastic balls to a palette of vibrant colors and assorted textures, is thoughtfully curated to stimulate sensory discovery and ignite the imagination.

Designed for children aged 4 to 10, the playhouse is built to suit their ergonomic needs and visual perspectives.  Transparent walls allow for easy supervision, while an interactive wall encourages parent-child engagement.

The project emerged from a synergistic design-build initiative, serving as a hands-on learning experience for aspiring young designers. They navigated the project from its inception to fruition, working in lockstep with construction partners to marry imaginative design with practical construction constraints. Constructed with over 90% recycled and donated materials, the playhouse is a model of eco-conscious construction practices, designed for easy transportation to facilitate future use. Now in the hands of a kindergarten teacher's family, the Play Factory is set to enrich both her neighborhood and classroom, embodying the project's educational and communal values.

Discover more about the Play Factory and its mission to support CASA of Henrico County.

  • Sector: Civic + Community
  • Scope: Architecture
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • 2023
  • Honorable Mention, Custom Category, ASID/IIDA IDEA, 2023
  • Honor Award, AIA Richmond, 2023
  • Alice Lehman Sunday Prize, AIA Richmond, 2023
  • Award of Honor, Small Projects, AIA VA, 2023
Project Team
Josiah Kinney
Project Manager
Perry Hammond
Karim El-Araby
DPR Construction
General Contractor