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Diamond District

Hanbury and the RCDP team unveil a transformative plan for Richmond's Diamond District, blending vibrant public spaces, multimodal connectivity, and a new stadium into a sustainable urban ecosystem.

As part of the Richmond Community Development Partners (RCDP) team, Hanbury helped craft a comprehensive redevelopment strategy for the Diamond District, envisioning it as a dense, community-centric mixed-use neighborhood. The plan is a bold mosaic of public green spaces, multimodal streets, and greenway connections, anchored by a state-of-the-art baseball stadium for the Flying Squirrels and VCU baseball teams, positioning the district as a center for year-round activity and community engagement.

The design strategy emphasizes strong connections to integrate the project with the surrounding neighborhoods, ensuring it becomes an integral, enduring part of Richmond's urban fabric. With a diverse mix of building typologies and thoughtful massing, it offers a welcoming, human-scale environment built on the principles of resilience and inclusivity.

Adopting a holistic strategy, the plan aims to deliver tangible benefits to the community. This includes creating employment opportunities, fostering local entrepreneurship, supporting small businesses and the arts, and ensuring access to affordable housing for the workforce. A community-driven dialogue was pivotal, ensuring the plan reflects and amplifies Richmond's collective aspirations, celebrates its cultural richness, and sets new benchmarks for sustainable, resilient urban planning.

Respecting the area's existing physical and cultural fabric, the reenvisioned Diamond District pays homage to its legacy as a focal point for entertainment and sports, now enhanced with a modern array of dining options, entertainment venues, and dynamic public areas. The incorporation of Arthur Ashe's legacy and the arts extends a commitment to community and civic integration, ensuring the project not only respects but elevates the local culture and history.
  • Sector: Civic + Community
  • Scope: Planning
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • 2022
  • 67.5 acres
  • World Design Awards, 2022
  • Honorable Mention – Unbuilt, AIA Richmond, 2022
Project Team
Elizabeth Morgan
Project Manager
Alec Yuzhbabenko
Jeffrey G. Butts, Jr.
An Liu
Ryan Cooper
Sonny Patel
Master Planner
Moseley Architects
Landscape Architect
MEP Engineering
VoltAir Consulting Engineers
MEP Engineering
Selbert Perkins Design
Ground Plane Design
Structural Engineering
Schnabel Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Parking and Mobility Consultant