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Seacobeck Hall Renovation

A 1930s landmark at the University of Mary Washington, the iconic Seacobeck Hall has been thoughtfully repurposed to serve as the academic heart of the College of Education, marrying its historic charm with a newfound modern purpose.

Seacobeck Hall, a 1930s landmark on the University of Mary Washington's Fredericksburg campus, has been reimagined from its original role as a dining hall into the academic hub for the College of Education. This transformation consolidates previously dispersed academic programs into a central core, now housing classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, collaborative spaces, a large assembly room, a curriculum laboratory, and a creative makerspace.

At the heart of Seacobeck Hall, the former kitchen area has been reimagined into the Forum—a dynamic, two-story area featuring an impressive "stadium stair" that not only links different spaces but also fosters connections among the School of Education's community. This stairway doubles as a vibrant space for events and casual gatherings, enhancing the sense of belonging and community within the hall.

Aiming to facilitate spontaneous interactions and collaborative work, the project emphasizes the need for accessible, communal spaces for both students and faculty. A new entrance on College Avenue, cleverly converted from the old dining hall’s loading dock, creates a welcoming front and an accessible main entry, signifying Seacobeck's refreshed identity. Additionally, the hall now boasts a 140-seat music venue, designed to host live performances and lectures, further enriching the university's cultural landscape.

  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Scope: Architecture, Interior Design, Historic Preservation
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • 2021
  • 46,000 SF
  • Photos courtesy of © Keith Isaacs Photography
Project Team
Robert V. Reis
Design Principal
William G. Hopkins
Project Manager
Andy Craven
Project Architect
Christopher M. Charles
Construction Administration
Matthew J. Lee
Interior Designer
Paige Conrad
Interior Designer
Greg Rutledge
Historic Architect
Newcomb & Boyd
MEP Engineering
Austin Brockenbrough & Assoc.
Civil Engineering
Lynch Mykins
Structural Engineering
Ann P. Stokes Landscape Architects
Landscape Architect
Construction Consultants, Inc
Cost Estimator
AV, IT, Acoustic Consultant
ECS Limited
Environmental Consultant
Environmental Impact Report