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Since 2018, the Chamberbrook Business and Arts District in North Side RVA has united Richmond's residents, community organizations, and designers with global entrepreneurs, businesses and artists to reimagine the intersection of Chamberlayne Avenue and Brookland Park Boulevard.

Chamberbrook is a multifaceted urban design and neighborhood revitalization effort that re-establishes a sense of place in what is considered the gateway to the City of Richmond. By establishing new public spaces, redesigning roads for pedestrianism and biking, revitalizing neglected spaces, and supporting community members and initiatives, it elevates the spatial, environmental, communal, and economical conditions of the area and profoundly impacts the wider Richmond community.

The proposal takes on several adjacent footprints in the Chamberlayne / Brookland Park intersection and integrates them into a collective of public programs that are not only geared to the general public by designing and redesigning public space, but it also becomes a set of specific resources: alleyway markets, live-work spaces, and townhomes are as much an element of this strategy as tactical urbanism, landscape components, and the community itself. It is a process-driven project that is developed and will live on through community engagement.

  • Sector: Civic + Community
  • Scope: Planning, Architecture
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • 2023
  • Alice Lehman Sunday Prize, Presentation Category, AIA Richmond, 2022
Emerge Construction
General Contractor