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The Grove Residence Hall

Hampden-Sydney's "The Grove" offers an immersive cabin-like living experience for 150 upperclassmen. The residence complex, featuring five halls and an independent community building, The Lodge, embodies the college's vision for fostering connections among students and with the natural environment. Designed with the dual aim of promoting social interaction at individual and group levels and maximizing its scenic lake proximity, the site's layout, apartment configurations, and communal amenities are crafted to nurture this community spirit. The architectural design harmonizes with its woodland backdrop, mirroring the informal charm of a forest retreat through its choice of exterior materials and scale.

Positioned on a dense forest edge of the campus, the residence halls are informally arranged around a communal green, interconnected by pathways that not only facilitate gatherings but also capitalize on the site's inherent beauty. The Lodge serves as a central gathering point, evoking the essence of a mountain lodge with its floor to ceiling windows that seamlessly merge indoor and outdoor spaces. Its deck serves as a vantage point for dining and meetings, offering views of Chalgrove Lake, now more accessible via newly installed docks and footbridges.

  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Scope: Architecture
  • Hampden-Sydney, Virginia
  • 2020
  • 38,000 SF
  • Photos courtesy of © Yuzhu Zheng
  • Merit Award for Architecture, AIA Hampton Roads, 2021
Project Team
Jane Cady Rathbone
Design Principal
Kevin J. Kattwinkel
Project Manager
Wesley L. Page
Project Designer
Reid Sabin
Lynch Mykins
Structural Engineering
Maxey & Associates
Civil Engineering
Froehling & Robertson, Inc.
Geotechnical Engineering
O’Shea + Wilson SiteWorks
Landscape Architect