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Colorado College East Campus Housing

Meeting the sophisticated needs of upperclassmen, the East Campus neighborhood introduces a mosaic of housing styles, aligning with the preferred 'house living' culture and elevating the communal living experience.

At the heart of Colorado College, the East Campus Housing Community is a bespoke solution to the evolving accommodation preferences of its students, particularly seniors wishing to stay on-campus throughout their academic careers. Influenced heavily by student feedback, this lively community houses 154 students across four buildings, blending communal areas and private rooms. This arrangement mirrors the favored 'house living' culture, promoting both social interaction and individual growth. Each residence aims to create a tight-knit community feel, integrating seamlessly with the wider campus to smooth the transition between academic and residential life.

The architecture strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary styles, using locally sourced Colorado sandstone to complement the historic North End neighborhood of Colorado Springs. The Hybl Community Center, serving as the communal heartbeat, offers flexible classrooms, a residence life office, social spaces, and a laundry center, enhancing the East Campus living experience. Outdoor and interactive social spaces dot the landscape, supported by thoughtful infrastructure designed for safe campus access. At its core, the design champions sustainability, from its buildings to the greenery that cradles them, reflecting Colorado College's commitment to environmental care. This project places Colorado College among an elite group of institutions nationwide, pioneering future-focused campus housing in alignment with the ACUHO-I 21st Century Project.

“The intent is to reach beyond traditional junior and senior student housing models in an effort to be innovative and flexible in meeting the needs of Colorado College’s ever-changing student population. This project will be distinctively Colorado College while also being a model of innovation for the student housing industry.”

- John Lauer, Associate Vice President for Student Life

  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Scope: Architecture, Interior Design
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 2017
  • 61,000 SF
  • Photos courtesy of © James Ray Spahn
Project Team
Jane Cady Rathbone
Design Principal
Rebecca B. Ensogna
Project Manager
Wesley L. Page
Jean Webster
Architectural Engineering Associates
MEP Engineering and Fire Protection
National Engineering Search
Civil Engineering, Land Planning, Parking, Site Consultant, Landscape Architecture
Martin/Martin, Inc.
Structural Engineering