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Brook T. Smith Launchpad

Transforming the start-up scene in Clemson with its incubator and accelerator spaces, mentorship, and idea-collision opportunities, the Brook T. Smith Launchpad caters to a diverse range of businesses and programs, propelling progress through design and cultivating connections that extend far beyond the University.

Located beneath a student residential complex in downtown Clemson, the Launchpad thrives as an off-campus storefront, a strategic choice that strengthens its accessibility to the student body and local community. This proximity offers an invaluable benefit, situating the facility not just geographically but also socially, at the heart of communal and academic synergy.

The Launchpad serves as a unique resource nurturing both emerging and established business ventures. Its versatile design promotes collaboration across various settings, from private meeting rooms for smaller teams to more expansive pitch areas. Purpose-built for creative synergy, the space is equipped with adaptable furniture, allowing users to tailor their workspaces to their preferences. Originally two distinct retail units, the introduction of a mezzanine floor effectively merges these spaces, aligning with the client's requirements for space and functionality, while encouraging a culture of transparency and teamwork. The design's open concept ensures the visibility of the LED display wall from both levels, enabling the hosting of large-scale community events that inspire the entrepreneurial spirit within the compact space.

In alignment with Clemson University's core values, the facility is envisioned as a springboard for both economic and individual growth, anticipating a ripple effect of success and innovation that is expected to necessitate further expansion. The true measure of success, however, lies in the tangible achievements of its users, be it patent acquisition or the launch of a new business, solidifying the project's foundational aim: to amplify the entrepreneurial journey at Clemson and beyond.

  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Scope: Interior Design
  • Clemson, South Carolina
  • 2024
  • 8,900 SF
Project Team
Jared Coffin
Design Principal
F. Amelia Murphy
Project Manager
Kendall Roberts
Project Architect
Matthew J. Lee
Interior Designer