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Student Athlete Performance Center

Virginia Tech Athletics, aiming to bolster its competitive advantage, collaborated with Hanbury to design a dedicated nutrition center for its student athletes. This initiative, born from a comprehensive feasibility study, transforms the top-level Bowman Room of the Jamerson Athletic Center from a simple dining area into a dynamic, multifunctional space with panoramic views of the athletics campus. Although open to all, the center primarily supports Virginia Tech athletes by offering meals tailored to enhance their training and performance. Its proximity to training facilities not only fosters a sense of community and athletic achievement but also provides a flexible area for meetings and events.

The center's design reflects the strength, agility, and discipline of Virginia Tech's athletes through its architectural features and material choices. Entering from Cassell Coliseum, guests are immediately immersed in the program's foundational values of integrity, service, honor, and excellence, showcasing the vibrant spirit and support of the Virginia Tech Athletics community. This project extends beyond nutrition to reinforce community bonds and underscore the institution's dedication to the holistic development of its athletes.

  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Scope: Architecture, Interior Design
  • Blacksburg, Virginia
  • 2020
  • 24,000-SF renovation, 12,000-SF new construction
  • Higher Education Category First Place, ASID/IIDA IDEA, 2021
Project Team
D. Keith Storms
Robert V. Reis
Design Principal
Anna E. Carpenter
Project Architect
Richard J. Rusinak
Project Architect
Elizabeth Morgan
Matthew J. Lee
Interior Designer
Porter Khouw Consulting
Food Service Consultant
Stanford White
MEP Engineering
Broyles and Associates
Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Consultants, Inc
Cost Estimator