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Florida Atlantic University Master Plan

The FAU Campus Master Plan aims to bridge academic excellence with community integration, enhancing both the campus and Boca Raton through enriched cultural and social landscapes

Florida Atlantic University (FAU), founded in 1964 on a historic Boca Raton site key to WWII radar technology advancements, is progressing in its mission to become a leading center for academic and research excellence. Central to this goal is the proposed Campus Master Plan, which outlines a strategic roadmap centered on land use strategies designed to enhance four key areas: academic facilities, residential life, research capabilities, and community partnerships.

The vision bolsters academic excellence through strategic infill projects around the iconic "Breezeway," the campus's vibrant artery, to spur interdisciplinary collaboration.

To nurture a holistic educational experience, the expansion of the Residential Campus introduces mixed-use housing villages seamlessly integrated with essential student life facilities, enriching the campus core.
The vision expands to include research growth, where the Research Park at FAU is seen as a catalyst for transforming academic inquiry into tangible innovations, focusing on designated areas of excellence.

Acknowledging the evolving fiscal responsibilities in academia, FAU plans to leverage strategic land assets at gateway locations to create public/private partnerships that benefit both the university and the broader community.

The Master Plan connects these pillars through a sustainably-focused Greenway, tracing the legacy of an airbase landing strip, and an enhanced open space network. Designated “Centers” within each focus area will facilitate gatherings and highlight the university's achievements. The plan also includes the preservation of enhanced conservation areas and natural buffers, positioning FAU as a verdant enclave for research. Gateway developments promise to extend outreach amenities, enriching the campus and community with vital social and cultural offerings.

  • Sector: Higher Education
  • Scope: Planning
  • Boca Raton, Florida
  • 2019
  • 850 SF
Project Team
D. Keith Storms
Design Principal
Scott Evans Miller
Lead Planner
Elizabeth Morgan
Buddy Hall
Wesley L. Page
Project Illustrator
Affiliated Engineers
Civil Engineering/Transportation Planning
Landscape Architect