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Higher Education

Design for OPEN MINDS

From residences to amenities, individual buildings to campus plans, our higher education practice traverses the spectrum of academic spaces to ensure each environment is a catalyst for both community and individual growth. With every project, we aim to create academic environments that are not just places of learning, but of living.

Our engagement on over 200 campuses has led to the creation of 155 vibrant student communities globally, housing over 355,000 students annually.

Our expertise spans comprehensive master plans, dynamic student life facilities, and multifunctional academic spaces, each designed to enhance the educational journey and promote a vibrant community life.

The impact of our work is measured by the enhanced quality of campus life it generates. Each project is a unique narrative in itself, advocating for a campus environment that supports academic pursuits, personal growth, and community building.

The campuses we touch are infused with a sense of place uniquely their own, celebrating regional distinctions and the diverse needs of their student bodies.